About Us

Family Owned & Operated

It wasn't always a venue.. It started as a home and simply grew into something truly magical.

Mark & Terri Mouton bought the property in 2013 and have lived on site with their big family of goats, lambs, chickens and 2 lovable Great Pyrenees (Chanel and Brinkley) ever since. It wasn't until their daughter was engaged to be married and started looking for outdoor venues that wedding bells started to ring in their heads. They had the land, the equipment and the time to create exactly what she desired right in their very backyard! 

With a beautiful 10 acres, a gorgeous colonial home and a knack for being handy - they went right to work! Shortly after, their daughter was able to host a wonderful summertime wedding with hundreds of guests and celebrated the entire evening. It wasn't until later that same night, as they danced out on the moon lit dance floor that they decided they wanted to bring that same special feeling to others.

Fast forward to 2020 - Now partnering with their daughter and son-in-law, they have strived to recreate that magic for their guests, and thus The Estate at Canyon Creek was founded - built and managed by the ones who first dreamed it into reality.